Journalism/ Press Courses

1. Start-up and managing a printed Magazine or Newspaper, the layout, content and the team.

2. Start-up and managing a News website, the layout and content.

3. News Writing

4. Investigative Report Writing 

5. Local Reporter 

6. Layout of Printed and Electronic Magazine or Newspaper



The Target Students:

1) Newcomers to media, Journalism and filmmaking careers.

2) Individuals who are not able or willing to travel abroad to get a practical training will be satisfied with Liverpool Online Academy.

3) Age (any age).

4) No pre-requisite qualifications needed 


Teaching Method:

Liverpool Academy provides Blended learning:

Face-to-Face lectures 


Online/Distance learning technologies


The Programs:

Courses are held for small groups (ranging from 10 to 15 trainees) 


Contact Us

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Address: Coventry, West Midlands , United Kingdom.

Tuesday the 19th. Liverpool Academy
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